1. Get ready for October - we’ll be seeding a whole bunch of #Halloween inspired shirts - #candycorn photo print ! (at www.blaqmass.com)

  2. I promise you - whatever this is - it is worth waiting for ok?

  3. 1 year ago today I stepped out of my office job and never went back. Next month I’ll be at the Lord Mayors office in london with my wife by my side in the running for start up of the year. Her business has gone strength to strength and im just getting nora ready for Montessori school. I need to remember dayside this and see the progress just 12 months of VERY hard work can make

  4. @monofly looking like full nobility in his new galaxy wizard tee (at www.blaqmass.com)

  5. Seriously magical day. Just as I took this photo, look real carefully and the autumn leaves are falling

  6. Halloween is a special time of year for me, it’s the day I married my wife, it’s appears at the cusp of the seasonal changes, fallen leaves and hard frosts, beautiful clear starry nights and misty crispy mornings. The light fades fast in to early nights with a roaring log fire and a bowl of something that took all day to cook.

  7. This is literally the most amount of creative effort I have ever put in to something that was supposed to be a joke. #photoshop #cs6 #patrickbateman #americanpsycho #playedout #streetwear #clothingline #merch #design #graphics #dorsia #tattooed #facetattoo #inkedup #grillz #trap #swisherhouse #jodyhighroller #riffraff

  8. Oh it’s MISTER #PMA

  9. I really spent far too long working on this but it came out rad. Available as a tee here

  10. Started off as a joke. But it just got dope. Buy It