1. A Tudor rose. Made with daggers. Filled with Sayagata. Turn down for what? (at www.blaqmass.com)

  2. I strongly suggest you go check out the #ThoseFolks interview on blaqmass.com - better than the newspaper (at www.blaqmass.com)


  4. This item ends Monday now - £19.99 - #pma #jurassicpark #positivity #streetwear (at www.blaqmass.com)

  5. Back in stock. Nice and simple. Designed by MidnightMoon Waterbased photo print - #streetwear #hexegram #blaqmass (at www.blaqmass.com)

  6. This was a one off dash dye/ tie dye and marble acid wash for Jason Adelinia - it’s absolutely rad. (at www.blaqmass.com)


  7. Those Folks, Honest Californian streetwear . The Interview.

    Ever since I met these guys in California, I knew I was on to something special, I had no idea of the history behind Those Folks, this interview explains how a brand got it so right so fast.

  8. @lukesvr - this is a nice old school BM tee #blaqmass (at www.blaqmass.com)

  9. Blood Galaxy tee. Several washes in. These babies don’t fade. #streetwear #blaqmass (at www.blaqmass.com)

  10. Subtle blade runner tee. Origami unicorn. Say no more. #unicorn #bladerunner #origamiunicorn #origami #priss (at www.blaqmass.com)